Custom Quarters, Half and Whole Animals

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As a buyer, you get an amazing deal. It works for us because we can keep things simple and keep our business local, and it works for you because it’s healthy, clean, and economical.

A quarter of good dry-aged Angus beef usually weighs about 150-170 pounds hanging, prior to being cut and wrapped. They’re technically called “split-quarters” because the cuts from the front and hind areas are divided up evenly.

This translates to about four cubic feet of meat (fills roughly four file boxes), and it generally means you need to plan ahead. You can split it with friends or family, or you can make sure you have room in a chest freezer. It’s too much for a standard freezer, and it comes frozen.

We harvest seasonally, to ensure premium flavor and tenderness. Beef comes frozen and packed in individually labeled cuts. Your quarter includes everything from luscious steaks and roasts to the best ground beef you’ve ever tasted. And don’t forget cuts like shanks and brisket – hard to find in grass-fed and so delicious!

Quarters & Sides (Halves)

Beef Cost: $5.50/lb hanging (gross) weight, including Harvest Fee
Butcher Fee: $1.05/lb, payable directly to the Butcher at pickup.

Weight varies, but if your quarter weighs about 130 lbs hanging, full cost breaks down as follows:

Beef Cost: $715
Butcher Fee: $136.50

Your total will depend on the precise weight of your quarter, which will vary a bit. A quarter that weighed 130 lbs hanging will yield about 95 lbs cut (net). Note that hanging weight (gross) includes organs, connective tissue, and and other parts that are not included in the meat you pick up. Heart, liver, and bones are available on request.

Beef Cost is payable to Freestone Ranch; Butcher Fee is payable directly to the butcher when you pick up your beef. There are three custom butchers in Sonoma County; all are excellent, and all will need to confirm your cut and wrap preferences prior to pickup. We can direct you to them, and they can help you choose the cuts that will work best for your family.

It also includes cuts that may be new to you, soup bones, and organ meats if you want them. You will need to request organ meats with the butcher if you want them included. All these details and more are covered in our cut/wrap survey.