SOLD : Braising Box – 25 lbs – London Broil, Ribeye and Filet


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Each of our beef boxes contain 25 lbs of ground, roasts, braise, and steaks. The breakdown depends on what the animal yields, but each box has roughly 1/3 of each category of cut. These boxes are lovingly curated for a complementary mix of what each cow has to offer. This selection of cuts is fully frozen and available for pickup now.

A well-balanced box, with an array of smaller steaks (including ribeye and filet) and cuts for roasts and braise.

Cut Lbs
Ground Beef 10.00
Short loin NY Boneless 1.38
Rib-eye 2.00
Filet 0.57
Flap / Bavette 1.00
Top Sirloin 0.64
Sirloin tip/carne 1.00
English Style Short Ribs 2.11
Stew 1.00
Chuck Boneless 1.90
London broil 1.79
liver 1.20
tongue 1.10



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