Braising Box – 25 lbs – Filet, Top Sirloin & English-Style Short Ribs


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Each of our beef boxes contain 25 lbs of ground, roasts, braise, and steaks. The breakdown depends on what the animal yields, but each box has roughly 1/3 of each category of cut. These boxes are lovingly curated for a complementary mix of what each cow has to offer. This selection of cuts is fully frozen and available for pickup now.

In addition to plenty of braising cuts, this box features a range of smaller premium steaks including 2 filets and 2 Top Sirloin.

Cut Lbs
Flat iron 0.38
Short loin NY Boneless 0.79
Rib-eye 2
Filet 0.54
Filet 0.34
Top Sirloin 0.69
Top Sirloin 0.8
Sirloin tip/carne 2.13
English Style Short Ribs 2.19
Stew 2.1
Chuck Boneless 2.2
Ground 10
liver 1.29


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