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Local Grass-fed Beef

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Freestone Ranch is a small, family-owned, ecologically sound collaboration with the land in Western Sonoma County, CA. The Gay and Brady families are replanting our farm-family roots from Ohio and Utah in northern California for the next generation and beyond. Our human sources of inspiration include Allan Savory, Wes Jackson, Joel Salatin, Michael Pollan, and all the eaters, cooks, chefs, and parents we know, who feed their families every day.

We raise Black Angus beef with good grassland genetics on gorgeous fog-kissed hills just inland from the Pacific Ocean. We don't use antibiotics, vaccines, or growth hormones.

The primary food for the cows is grass, supplemented with top-quality alfalfa, kelp meal, and sea salt for minerals. Many of our customers say our beef is the best they've tasted.

Our beef is available by the quarter or half (side) for pickup at custom butcher shops in Santa Rosa or Petaluma. You can also buy individual cuts here at the ranch, or at Andy's Produce Market or Bill's Farm Basket in Sebastopol.

Freestone Ranch
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  Grass-fed Beef
Good for your health, good for the land, good for the watershed.

No antibiotics or hormones
All our animals are healthy and strong, and they can nourish and strengthen you and your family.

Local food for local economies
Keep your community strong, healthy, and economically sound by buying direct from your local farmers and ranchers.

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We love good beef
I just had to write to tell you how much we enjoy the beef. It is unbelievably good, nourishing and a great value. Thank you for the care and consideration you put into raising the cattle. We appreciate all you do every time we enjoy beef for dinner. I love to watch my girls eat and eat and eat. I know I am giving them the very best start in life with your beef. Many, many thanks to you all.
Gabrielle C, San Francisco

It's the flavor
I had no idea grass-fed beef could be this tender and tasty. The hype is so crazy, and I get that if there's no actual grass, you have a problem. No problem here!
Emma C, Santa Rosa

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