Nutrient Dense Local Goodness

Stock your freezer with nutrient dense local beef.

Quarters: $9/lb cut weight (USDA net), including harvest and butcher fees
Expect a total of approximately $850-$900.
Sides for pickup at Lepe’s Meats: $8.50/lb cut weight, including harvest and butcher fees
Bones: $7/bag, ordered on the side

Sides and Wholes for pickup at Willowside Meats:
$2.75/lb live weight for a side, $2.50/lb for a whole
Expect a total of roughly $1800 for a side/half.
State certified sides will cost about 5% less than USDA sides.

Want just a cut or two for tonight? Buy our beef locally at Andy’s Produce Market or Bill’s Farm Basket in Sebastopol, Valley Ford Market in Valley Ford, or the Bodega Country Store in Bodega town.

New to quarters and sides? Full details are available here, and questions are always welcome.

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Showing all 6 results