Go Deep


We are privileged to care for and raise beef on some beautiful land in Northern California.

  • Freestone Ranch – Our home ranch near Valley Ford, Sonoma County.
  • Bay Hill Ranch – A rugged coastal ranch on a hill above Bodega Bay, Sonoma County.
  • River Ranch – Rugged mountains on the bank of the Eel River, Mendocino County.

Restoration Ranching

We use ranching to restore our network of relationships with nature, land, and soil. We aim for a presence, care and daily work with the land where beneficial impacts exceed our negative impacts. It’s a flow of decisions, choices, and learning every day. We want the land, soils, native plants, and wild animals to be healthier and more productive because we are here.

  • Restoration Ranching – Our vision for restoring the health of our relationship to land and nature.
  • Native Planting – Notes on planting native trees and shrubs.
  • Grazing Infrastructure – Water troughs, fencing and barns are important tools that help us care for the ranches.
  • Upland Erosion Repair – Keeping soil on the ranch is an important focus for us.
  • Pond Construction – Building a new stock pond.
  • Sedimentation Ponds – Ponds for capturing sediment before it erodes downstream to silt in Bodega Bay.
  • Estimating Erosion – How much soil has be lost from Bay Hill Ranch?
  • Planned Grazing – This approach to grazing lets the grass take the lead in telling us how the herd can strengthen its roots and build the soil over time.
  • Carbon Farming – Using grazing and planting to grass sequester carbon in the earth.


  • Jonathan Gay – Jonathan focuses on ranch infrastructure and restoration projects. He sees the land with it’s soils, plants, microbes, fungi and animals as a living entity that deserves care and tending. After a career writing software, he appreciates the chance to be working outside and seeing the growing physical results of his efforts.
  • Misty West Gay – Misty builds networks of beef lovers, moms, vendors, processors, and gorgeous babies with two feet and four. She handles Bookkeeping and Customer Service for the Ranch. She’s a Member of the Sonoma County Food System Alliance and a serious home cook, having come to ranching from a career in software and consulting. Her garden is as wild and untenable as this big beautiful life.
  • Ariel Greenwood – Ariel came to the ranch as our Grazing Manager in late 2017. Ariel manages grazing on the ranch for the health of the animals and the land. She got her start in agriculture over a decade ago, and began grazing cattle for Holistic Ag at Pepperwood Preserve in 2014. A student of Holistic Management, Ariel brings to the ranch her love of cattle handling, team work, and landscape regeneration through planned grazing. Ariel also works as the Orchard Manager at the esteemed Occidental Arts and Ecology Center and is a member of the Fibershed team.
  • Erin Axelrod – Erin keeps our beef customers happy and helps people learn about our work on the ranch. Erin Axelrod is Business Consultant / Worker-owner at LIFT Economy, where she helps accelerate the spread of climate-beneficial businesses. Her specialty and passion is working with businesses that address critical soil and water regeneration in a way that creates more equity, abundance and decentralized power, just like nature does. Her land-regeneration activities have included farming indigo, shepherding sheep and helping convert tens of thousands of square feet of lawn to edible landscapes through her work with Daily Acts.


Lots to do, lots to love, so much joy. Good food heals. It’s worth every minute.

And we can help.