Summer Beef Campaign

We all depend on plants, soil, watersheds, insects, and animals for our lives. How we can we care for this system, of which we are a part? What can we do to make our planet, our community and ourselves healthier? This is our mission at Freestone Ranch.

This summer, be a part of a CSG: a community of 100 happy eaters who are filling their freezers with 100 lbs of healthy grass-fed, grass finished local beef. Pay 40% less than you’d pay at the store for a beautiful array of cuts (ground, assorted steaks, tri-tip, rib-eyes, short ribs) that supports local land care.

What’s a Community Supported Grassland? Join us and learn!

Doing Our Part

We produce healthy local beef in a way that increases the productivity of the land and the diversity of our native ecosystems.

  • Protect and improve our soils, watersheds, and wild animals.
  • Offer our herd happy, healthy lives with gentle management.
  • Help our ecosystems adapt to climate change.
  • Sequester carbon in our soils and plants.
  • Show our community how people on the land can increase ecosystem health.

Doing Your Part

  • Pay 40% less to fill your freezer with the healthiest local beef you can buy.
  • Learn more or make a deposit today.
  • Visit the ranch and learn about local land and animal care.
  • Tell your friends about us and possibilities in local land care.
  • Share your thoughts with us, let us know how you’d like to get engaged!

Buy some beef! Stock your freezer with climate and land beneficial beef. If you don’t eat beef, send this page to a friend who does.

We need to sell our animals direct to local customers. Selling our animals into the corporate beef supply chain does not pay enough for us to care for the land. Learn more about our business.