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Now accepting preorders for 2020 beef! Beef available May through October.

A split quarter of our delicious West County beef, cut, wrapped and frozen in a butcher’s best assortment of Yum. All cuts from fore and hind areas included. Note that there simply won’t be four of everything, so the divisions between quarters are done equitably between shares.

Learn more about custom quarters, half and whole animals.

  • Beef cost is $9/lb cut (net) weight – same price across all cuts
  • Butcher cost for cut, wrap, and freeze service is included
  • Harvest fee of $75 and $25 Quarter split fee included
  • Cut weight ranges from 100-130 lbs
  • Seasonal Harvest for optimal flavor and land care

So much Yum generally needs 2-3 cubic foot of freezer space. A new 5 cubic foot chest freezer costs around $150, and they’re very handy to tuck into garage or protected outdoor space.

*Bones are not included in the cut weight, and they need to be ordered separately.

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